Hornets vs Rowdies

The Hornets traveled across the Mississippi for their second game of the season to play the Belleville Rowdies, and celebrate Kasper's Homecoming. The Hornets showed up to play taking the opening kickoff straight into the Rowdie half. With Kalist charging toward the try line Tommy Bach was able to setup Matt Merrick off a 1-2-1 for the first try of the game; Hatraf conversion, to start off 7-0. The Rowdies came back off the next kickoff to score a try and conversion at the 13 minute mark to tie up the game after some sloppy play by the Hornets. The Hornets decided that was enough fun for the Rowdie and they would control the scoreboard for the next 50 minutes. A box kick that went long lead to the Rowdies kicking off to the Hornets at the 22 straight to Nick Kalist at mid field. Big mistake since Kalist ran the ball 50 meters to score center post for the Hornets second try of the game. It looked like Nick Kalist didn't stretch well enough at his daughters' gymnastic practice that morning as he hurt both hamstrings on that run; Hatraf conversion 14-7. Three minutes later Zach Hatraf was able to complete his first of two penalties to extend the lead 17-7, and again for his second penalty with 3 minutes left in the half: 20-7. With little time left in the first half the Hornets put the ball right back into the Rowdies half for Joey Dickerson to score at the 40 minute mark with another Hatraf conversion. Score going into half:27-7. The second half started off just as powerful for the Hornets as the first half ended. Mike Jones was able to barrel his way across the try line 8 minutes into the second half for the Hornets 4th try and bonus point, Hatraf conversion 34-7. Cam McCarty was able to secure his first try as a Hornet 9 minutes later to finish the Hornet scoring for the day, which was good because Zach's leg was getting tired; Hatraf Conversion 41-7. The good news for the Hornets was that new players were able to get some valuable training time in during the second half with the Rowdies scoring 2 tries and a conversion in the last 20 minutes to end the game. One of the highlights of the game was the Hornets scrum dominating their Rowdie counterparts for the entire 80 minute. Final score 41-19 good guys. Man of the match went to Joey Dickerson. His mom is so proud.


Scrums = Hornets - 8/8; Rowdies - 7/9

Lineouts = Hornets - 7/11; Rowdies - 2/8
Penalties - Hornets - 15; Rowdies - 13

Scores - 
7' - Matt Merrick try, Zac conversion (Hornets 7 - 0)
13' - Rowdies try and conversion (Hornets 7 - 7)
18' - Nick Kalist try, Zac conversion (Hornets 14 - 7)
21' - Zac penalty (Hornets 17 - 7)
37' - Zac penalty (Hornets 20 - 7)
40' - Joey Dickerson try, Zac conversion (Hornets 27 - 7)
48' - Mike Jones try, Zac conversion (Hornets 34 - 7)
57' - Cam try, Zac conversion (Hornets 41 - 7)
63' - Rowdies try and conversion (Hornets 41 - 14)
72' - Rowdies try (Hornets 41 - 19)