Hornets vs Kohlfeld

The Hornets traveled to Cape for their third cup match of the season for the hottest game of the year. The heat wasn't a problem for the Hornets as Brad Christ was the first of many Hornets to cross the try line in the first 5 minutes of the game. Following the next kickoff the Hornets decided to camp deep inside the Kohlfeld 22 and Tommy Bach and Matt Merrick were able to share a try 10 minutes with both them combining to force the ball over the try line following a 5 meter scrum, Juice Conversion. The Hornets were just too much for the Scorpions as Tommy Bach and Matt Merrick were at it again with Tommy Bach setting up the try for Merrick to walk into after another 1-2-1 between fly half and inside center; Juice Conversion. Now is when the real entertainment started. With Sexy Dan Goodrich on loan to the forward pack from the backs he was able to pick up a loose ball and score his first try of the game with 3 minutes left in the half: Juice Conversion. The Hornets went into halftime up 33-0. The second half only got worse for Kohlfeld. Clearly not worn out from his first try, Sexy Dan was able to score his second try of the day after the opening kickoff of the second half was stolen by Brad Christ. Zach Hatraf picked up the ball from the bottom of the ruck and chipped the ball into the try zone where Sexy Dan was able to outrun the entire Kohlfeld defense and jumped on the ball: Juice Conversion. Zach Hatraf was able to scamper across the try line after another successful Hornet scrum 14 minutes into the second half: Juice Conversion. The Kohlfeld defense had no answer for Dan The Man as he scored his third and final try of the day with just over 10 minutes left in the game, Juice Conversion. The Hornets still had one more in them as Joseph Olivetti was able to score the Hornets 8th and final try of the game with no time left, Juice Conversion. Clearly Juice is a machine after completing 7 conversions in a row. Man of the match went to Dan Goodrich and his hat trick of tries for the day. Final score 54-0.


Scrums = Hornets - 5/5; Scorpions - 4/8

Lineouts = Hornets - 8/12; Scorpions - 7/11

Penalties - Hornets = 12; Scorpions = 6

Scores -

5' - Brad Christ try (Hornets 5-0).
15' - Bach / Merrick try, Juice conversion (Hornets 12-0).
33' - Merrick try, Juice conversion (Hornets 19-0).
38' - Dan Goodrich try, Juice conversion (Hornets 26-0).
41' - Dan Goodrich try, Juice conversion (Hornets 33-0).
54' - Zac try, Juice conversion (Hornets 40-0).
68' - Dan Goodrich try, Juice conversion (Hornets 47-0).
80' - Olivetti try, Juice conversion (Hornets 54-0).