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15's is upon us!  Hopefully our wonderful 7's stature doesn't snowball into our 15's.......  Practice will begin Wednesday August 15th from 7-9 at Franz Park in Dogtown continuing through October.  Schedule to be out soon.  Be ready for practice!


This year the Stinger will be held at Jeff Altmann's House/Pool on Saturday August 25th to kick the season off.  His address is 9209 Niles Place, St. Louis, MO 63123.  The team will provide keg beer and Hodak's chicken.  Please bring a side/dessert.  It will begin and be family friendly from 11 am to 3 pm.  Jeff has also offered continuing the party after 3 pm for adults only as a recruitment effort with anyone you would want to introduce to the club.  Jeff has a great setup for this party and we welcome full participation.  Be there!


The Hornets Rugby Club was founded in Humphrey’s Tavern during the summer of 1977.

From its inception, the Club was formed to promote good friendship, good play, and good drink in the spirit of rigorous competition coupled with the highest degree of sportsmanship.

- Preamble to the Hornets Rugby Club Constitution

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