Hornets vs Ramblers

The Hornets opened up their 2016-2017 against the cross town Ramblers rugby squad. With no warm up games to start the season the Hornets had some rust to work off in this first game of the season. After receiving the opening kickoff the Hornets camped inside the Rambler half early. After a great scrum push and some quick hands through the backs the veteran Juice was able to dart across the try line for the Hornets first try of the season 13 minutes into the game to make it 5-0, missed conversion. The Ramblers were able to take away the following kickoff and cut the lead by taking a penalty at the 18 minute mark. The Hornets came roaring back and took the game back into the Rambler half where Juice was able to put a penalty through at the 25 minute mark to put the Hornets up by a try. The following kickoff saw that Hornets take the ball back down the pitch inside the Rambler 22. After several attempts to get the ball across the try line, Nick Hildebrand was able to charge his way into the try line after a quick tap and several off loads to make the score 13-3 with 10 minutes left in the half, no conversion. The Ramblers still had some fight and were able to score a try and conversion with 5 minutes left in the half to cut the lead to 13-10. The Hornets were able to put in one more penalty at the 40 minute mark thanks to Juice's foot with the score 16-10 at halftime. The second half started off with the Hornets playing inside the Rambler half but a series of knocks and penalties kept them from scoring. At the 59 minute mark the Hornets were able to score in the corner off a fantastic taco to Brad Kasper of all people on the wing, 21-10, no conversion. The Hornets fought their way back inside the Rambler 22 with minutes left to go in the game knowing that they needed the 4th try for the Bonus point. Matt Merrick was able to score their fourth and final try for the Hornets at the 78 minute mark to put the Hornets up 26-10 and Juice slotted the conversion through to extend the lead to 28. With no time left, the Ramblers were able to put a final try in at the 80 minute mark for a final score of 28-17. The Hornets were led by a dominant scrum during the entire 80 minutes with man of the match going to Brad Kasper.

Scrums: Hornets 9/10    Ramblers 8/11

Lineouts: Hornets 8/11   Ramblers 2/9 (By the hands of Christ we were able to steal their lineouts)

Penalties: Hornets 12    Ramblers 13


13' Juice Try, no conversion

25' Juice Penalty

30' Hildebrand Try, no conversion

40' Juice Penalty

59' Kasper Try, no conversion

78' Merrick Try, Juice Conversion