Hornets vs Bombers

The Hornets traveled for their 3rd cup match in a row to play across town rivals Bombers at Lucier Park. This game was setup to be an amazing game from the kickoff. The game started off strong for the Hornets as they were able to drive the ball deep into the Bombers half to start off the game. After a scrum inside the Bombers 22, the Hornets turned over the ball letting the Bombers kick out of their own half. After a series of plays and a Hornet's penalty the Bombers were able to get a line out inside the Hornet 5 meter leading to the first try of the game for the Bombers and conversion. This didn't faze at all. Following the next kickoff the Hornets were able to work their way deep inside the Bomber 22. After an amazing series of play from a line out the forwards were finally able to pass the ball out from a ruck and Brad Christ linked up with Matt Merrick who had a 3-1 against a Bomber prop at the goal line. Using his signature dummy pass, Matt Merrick was able to juke his way across the try line for the Hornet's try, Juice Conversion. This gave the Hornets was they needed as they took the following kick off back deep inside the Bombers 22. After a series of great phase ball the Hornets ran out of time in the first half and were not to score again even though they were sniffing the try line. The score at half was all tied 7-7. The second half turned into a battle between both teams with neither wanting to give an inch. Fantastic rugby play following a line out in the Bombers led to Joey Dickerson getting across the try line only to be called back by the ref. The Hornet's defense stepped up their game as this Hornet team came to hit and hit hard. This turned out to be a tackling clinic put on by the Hornet's defense to keep the Bomber's offense in check. With less than 10 minutes in the game the Bombers gave the Hornets a penalty on their won 10 meter line. A chance for the Hornet's first lead rested on Juice's should for a 40 meter penalty kick. Juice crushed the ball through the TOP of the uprights to give the Hornets a 10-7 lead. Juice could have made that kick from the Hornets' 10 meter line. With only a 3 point lead the Hornet defense stepped up again for the final 8 minutes of the game to keep the Bombers off the scoreboard for a final score of 10-7 HORNETS!!! Man of the Match went to the entire team as this was the greatest team victory in recent Hornet History.