Hornets vs Kohlfeld

Match Recap: Hornets vs Kohlfeld 3/28/15.

The St. Louis Hornets traveled down to Cape Girardeau on March 28th with hopes of continuing their win streak. On a short field and chilly afternoon the Kohlfeld Scorpions came out of the gate hot and put together a couple of phases to get deep inside the Hornets' half leading to a Kohlfeld penalty. The Kohlfeld kicker was able to take advantage of the penalty and give Kohlfeld the lead at 3-0 one minute into the game. This would be the only time the Kohlfeld would have the lead. After Brad Christ stealing the ensuing kickoff the Hornets were able to swing the ball wide and get deep inside the Kohlfeld half leading to a missed penalty attempt by Donovan. After the 22 meter restart the Hornets setup perfect phase ball and Andre was able to attack through a spread out Kohfeld back line and go center post. The successful conversion by Don put the Hornets up 7-3. Back inside the Kohfeld 22 less then 5 minutes later Matt Merrick was able to quick tap and score against Kohlfeld. Don's conversion extended the lead to 14-3. 10 minutes later at the 22 minute mark the backs were able to string together some great wide ball after the packies dominated the Kohlfeld scrum for Sexy Dan to sprint past the defense and put one in the corner. Don's foot kept extending the lead with another successful kick. The Hornet forwards kept the pressure all day on the Kohlfeld pack by pushing them over their own scrum and stealing ball in the lineout. With 5 minutes left in the half, Brad Christ was able to secure another stolen ball in the lineout at the Kohlfeld 22 and Tommy back was able to crash his way through the defense and score under the posts for the Hornets for the try. Don's 4th conversion was good. The Hornets went into halftime leading 28-3. The scoring would keep up in the second half as Sexy Dan was able to chase down a Donovan kick and dive on the ball in the try zone giving him his 2nd try of the day. Don's leg was a little fatigued and he was not able to convert his 5th conversion attempt. Seeing that the backs were scoring ALL of the points (like most games), Travis comes roaring off the bench with fresh legs to outrun the Kohlfeld defense and score center post 3 minutes later. Don was able to work out his kicking leg to put another conversion through. Travis decided to take matters into his own hands put another try in 17 minutes later at the 70 minute mark for the last try of the game with another Donovan conversion. The Kohlfeld scorpions were only able to score on a questionable penalty try and the 45 minute mark and a late try with no time left and the Hornets only playing with 14 on the field after a questionable yellow card.  Man Of The Match: Donovan Unsworth!

Score - Hornets 47 (Tries - Andre, Merrick, Bach, Dan x2, Travis x2; Conversions Donovan 6/7), Kohlfeld 13.