Hornets vs Rowdies

Hornets vs. Rowdies 10/17/15.

The St. Louis Hornets crossed the Mississippi for their 3rd cup match of the season to take on the Belleville Rowdies on a beautiful Saturday morning. The Hornets were not deterred with the early 11:00 am kickoff jumping on the ball with an early steal on the opening kickoff. Some quick phase ball found Joey The Foot Smelt "by himself" (we won't count the 2 guys on his left in support) in the middle of the pitch. "The Foot" then chipped the ball over the defense into the defense catching the Rowdies off guard not expecting the 8 man to kick. A strong chase and a good bounce found Joey scoring the first try of the game in the first minute. Juice slotted the conversion through (all day).After a wild celebration by the Sicilian the Hornets lost their composure and gave up a Rowdie' try after some serious penalty errors inside there own 22 to even the score at 7 apiece.This led to some back and forth rugby between both sides until the 28th minute when Jason BK Amarosa had enough of playing around with the Rowdies and took a ball off of a line out 50 meters all by himself for the Hornets' second try of the game. Juice split the uprights again on the conversion. No more then 5 minutes later the Hornets found themselves at the same spot on the field with another line out. Still feeling the effects of his last 50 meter run, BK was able to get the ball within 10 meters of the try line before offloading to rookie second rower Denny Cody who walked into the try zone for the Hornets 3rd try of the game. The Hornets entered halftime leading 21-7. After some halftime substitutions the Hornets came out firing in the second half but play bogged down between the 22s as neither team has able to get a handle on the game due to penalties and forward passes. Needing their 4th try to secure the bonus point John from the wing scooped the ball from a clearing kick in the 70th minute to score his first try as a Hornet. Not phased kicking from the sideline again, Juice slotted the conversion. On the ensuing kickoff we saw some rookie to rookie action as Denny Cody busted through the Rowdies kickoff defense before offloading to Adam Wright for his first Hornets try in the 72nd minute. With his leg still warmed up from his second conversion kick in just as many minutes, Juice put the ball through the uprights again. The Hornets clearly wanted to rugby in the last 10 minutes and the veteran Mike Jones was tired of watching the rookies score he took it upon himself to blast his way into the corner of the try zone for the Hornets' 6th try of the day at the 75th minute with Juice securing the conversion. The Hornets were still not done playing rugby and first year Hornet Taylor scored the 7th and final try of the game with 2 minutes left. Juice finished the scoring for the Hornets with a perfect 7/7 on conversion kick.

Scrums - Hornets = 6/8 (75%), Rowdies = 9/12 (75%) 

Lineouts - Hornets = 7/14 (50%), Rowdies = 4/10 (40%)
Penalties - Hornets = 7, Rowdies = 15.

Scores - 1' = Joey S, 28' = BK, 33' = Denny, 70' = John, 72' = Adam, 75' = Mike Jones, 78' = Taylor.  Juice conversions = 7/7 (100%).  Final score Hornets 49, Rowdies 7