Hornets vs Bombers

Opponent: St. Louis Bombers

Home/Away: Away

Location: Lucier Park

Score: Hornets - 38, Bombers - 30

Man Of The Match: Brad Christ, Donovan Unsworth


Match Recap: Hornets 38 Bombers 30, 10/25/14.

The Hornets traveled to Lucier Park to take on their cross town rivals the Bombers. After a disappointing 1 point loss to the Bombers to open up the season, the Hornets were looking for revenge. The Hornets came out swinging and off of their first line out of the game, Nick Kalist blasted through the Bombers backline off a loop from Donovan. After running over Don's fellow countryman playing fullback Nick Kalist rumbled down to the 2 meter line before a host of Bombers brought him down. Quick thinking by Miles Criss picking the ball off the bottom of the ruck and diving over for the first try of the game at the 3 minute mark followed by a Brad Bearden conversion. Showing his defensive talents Miles destroyed his opposite wing with a bone crushing tackle after scaring that same wing into knocking the ball out of fear from the hit that was coming from Miles set the tone for the game. Not to be outdone the forwards decided to show the Bombers how to play rugby. At the 21 minute mark the pack executed a perfect pods play from the 5 meter line with Andy Middeke taking 3 Bombers with him into the try zone followed by another successful conversion from Brad Bearden. The Bombers would not let up and closed the gap before halftime, due to a couple of Hornets mistakes, to make the score 14-10 going into the break in favor of the good guys.The Hornets came out firing in the second half taking the ball right away and camping out in the Bombers half. After a prolonged absence completing his world tour, Juice split the upright at the 44 minute mark with a penalty kick from 35 meters out. With the Bombers backline still not able to defend the Hornets, the Hornets were able to attack the wide side of the field all day and a miraculous behind the back no look pass from Miles to Juice then led to a chip kick over the remaining defenders to get the ball inside the Bombers 5. Mike Jones took matters into his own hands and scored the 3rd try of the match for the Hornets. Juice sailed the pill through the uprights on the conversion. The Bombers fullback was not learning from previous kicks, and continued to kick the ball to the Hornets deep 3, who keep pinning the Bombers inside their own 22. After a successful counter kick and take away, Brad Kasper was able to walk into the try zone after picking the ball off the bottom of a ruck at the 57 minute mark, followed by another successful conversion kick from Juice. The forwards decided to showoff again with a lineout steal from Brad Christ at the 62 minute mark leading to a skip pass from the backs and a great bobbling catch from Donovan who suckered in his defender before off loading to Brian Saak with a diving finish in the corner followed by the conversion from Juice. The Bombers scored a late try with no time left but to no avail with the final score being 38-30 for the HORNETS!

Men of the match awards were given to Donovan Unsworth for the backs and Brad Christ for the forwards. Special mentions for great play are extended in Nick Kalist and Miles Criss.

Score - Hornets 38, Bombers 30

Scrums - Hornets 100% (Jimmy Crouch!!!), Bombers around 90%

Lineouts - Hornets 100% (Kasper!!!), Bombers about 50% (Christ!!!!!)