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2014 Hornets Stinger - Klav's House

  • Klav's House 3 Carole Ln Frontenac, MO, 63131 United States (map)
From Klavs:
"I wanted to let you all know that I will be hosting the Stinger this year at my house. I'm sure that more info/details will follow.
I just wanted to tell you guys why. When I came out to the club approx '95/'96, the Stinger and the X-Mas party were hosted at a HOBO's home. Dan Young's house on Marmaduk with the pool, Haskins' place, the Farm in the Valley. Some of the X-Mas parties I remember were at Mick's or Bob Miller's place (I think...I drank to impress). The reason I bring this up is because I've always enjoyed the gatherings at someone's home versus a park or a venue like Pujols 5.  The reason I enjoyed these more is my impression that the home setting always seemed to bring out more of the old boys, wives and children----which is what I hope happens again. It goes without saying that I hope to see all the actives.
I know the dates are no longer fixed in stone as they once were, but if everyone enjoys coming over to my family's place--maybe we can get back to scheduling a date for the STINGER that everyone can put on their yearly calendar for the foreseeable future. This is my first try, so I'm sure there will be hiccups. But whatever happens, show up with your wives/girlfriends, children or some random child that was recently determined to be a love child of Trotters. Also---bring a chair to park your ass. 

Disclaimer: This was not meant as a bag on others' organizing events at parks or catered venues of years past. They kept the traditions alive!!

My address is:
3 Carole Lane
STL MO 63131
2 seconds from Hwy 40 and Spoede Rd.

See everyone soon!