2013 St. Louis Hornets Christmas Party

Thank you for all who were involved in putting on the 2013 Hornets Xmas Party, especially Chuck Squires. It was a great night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event. Some, too much...... There will be photos posted on FaceBook later today.

For those who did not attend, the annual awards were given out after dinner and were awarded as follows:

Old Boy of the Year - Jef Faszholz
Dan Young Spirit Award - Ryan Suda
Hornet of the Year - Mick Wilkes
Most Improved Player - Jeff Altmann
Rookie of the Year - Mike Jones
Best Back - Matt Merrick
Best Forward - Brad Christ
Player's Player - Brian Saak

This year the actual on field awards were chosen by the coaches, the off field awards were chosen by the board, and of course the Player's Player was chosen by the active and on field players.

Please join in congratulating your fellow teammates the next time you see them.

Have a safe holiday season and don't forget to train!!!!